Harry Rilling for Mayor
Thank You!

Yes, thank you to all the friends, voters, workers, and supporters who made Tuesday’s victory possible. We all worked like beavers, some for nearly a year, because of a heartfelt need for change.

Well, change is what you are about to get, whether in development, education, poverty program oversight or civility, there is change coming down the pike. The first step in making it happen is to put together our management team, and the wheels on that have already started to turn. It just takes time.

Next I would like to thank Mayor Moccia, not only for his eight years of service to our city but for maintaining a civil and professional campaign. One need only look around the country to see what can happen if there is not a conscious effort to avoid the loose language that can quickly drag a contest into the mud.

But mostly it is the hundreds of workers and thousands of voters who made this a memorable election. It could not have happened without a level of dedication to civic improvement that many people feel our country has somehow lost. Well, it’s not gone; it was just dusty. Now we will be wiping off the dust and oiling the gears, and with your further help we will make Norwalk into a destination city once again.


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Paid for by Friends of Rilling, Nathaniel Yordon, Treasurer • Approved by Harry W. Rilling